Do you feel trapped?

It happens to all of us, as we deal with with everyday tasks and it’s easy to forget to make time for ourselves.

One hour can be enough to feel a sense of freedom and if you spend that in a safe, private environment, training with like-minded, supportive people, the benefits can be huge!

Mental and physical exercise, all in one fantastic hour, in the stunning grounds of Impney Park.

And you can get 3 hours of escape for free when you enter the code “freedom” at checkout.

See what’s on and book here

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PMF Opens at The Impney Estate!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re now offering group outdoor fitness sessions in the beautiful grounds of the Impney Estate, with the stunning Chateau as a backdrop!

With a mix of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Circuits and Battle Fit sessions, there’s something for everyone in this private, gated environment, no matter what your current level of fitness.

No inquisitive dog walkers or members of the public to worry about, as you workout in private with our military-trained instructors.

And if you’re currently serving with the UK military, as a regular or reserve, or a UK Armed Forces Veteran, you can train with us for FREE!!



Interested in giving it a go?

Please get in touch using the messenger link on this site, contact us via email or call / text on 07800 815314

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Free Phys for UK Armed Forces Personnel (including veterans!)


If you’re currently serving with the UK Armed Forces, including reserves, or are a veteran of the Royal Navy / Royal Marines, British Army or Royal Air Force, you’re eligible to train with PMF for FREE!

We won’t have you marching around the parade square or any of the less “fun” aspects of military life, but we will give you great fitness sessions that will help you to maintain, or improve your fitness levels, with coaching from experienced ex-military (or current Reserves) instructors.


Please get in touch using the Messenger link, WhatsApp, or via the contact form and we’ll get you set up in no time.


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Slam Ball Circuits

A nice, challenging circuits session with some rapid fire exercises/stations – 30 seconds on with 15 seconds of rest and then rotate to the next one.
That certainly makes for a session that’ll leave its mark!
As always, plenty of laughs and hard graft.
Wondering how you can join in?  Easiest way is to contact us or you can simply book yourself onto a session from the events calendar here
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Well, sort of!… We split the troops into 2 teams, one with an uphill kit relay burden, playing the role of the assaulting force, the other, as defenders, with bodyweight circuit stations (think shuttle runs, dolphin push-ups, bear crawls…).
Plenty to challenge everyone and it certainly made for some great photos too, in the fantastic #ChateauImpney Estate!
We are always open to new entrants, so if you like what you see, or would just like to know more, please get in touch – we’re a very friendly bunch.
Your first session is FREE, military personnel train for FREE (includes reserves and veterans) and we offer Blue Light and couples discounts.
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That was tonight’s session in a nutshell! A couple of laps around the beautiful Impney Estate, looping round the Chateau and then back to the stations for 1 minute of pure joy at each one, before swapping around in a circuits style.
What better way to spend a Monday evening than training with awesome people in a fantastic setting!?
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As Few Reps As Possible in 1 minute sounds like it should have been an easy one, but as the troops found out in this session, nothing could further from the truth!!
We split the session into 2 with the first half being extremely slow reps, maximising the time under tension, threw in a couple of minutes of shuttle runs to get the heart pumping again and then finished off with the AMRAP phase (As Many Reps As Possible) to push everyone well past their comfort zones, with tired muscles from the 1st phase.
As always, they gave it everything, so well done ladies & gents!
We go again on Thursday at 7pm with the Personal Fitness Assessments – never a dull moment at PMF!
Will YOU be there for the next one?
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Military Pre-Joining Courses

Are you planning on joining the British military (Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, Royal Air Force / RAF)?

Would you like to give yourself the best chance of passing your entrance tests?  We can help! 


Our instructors are ex-military / current reserves and offer training services to give you the best start to your military career.  We know from experience how daunting those first steps can be and so we’ve devised training coaching plans that cover:

DAA Defence Aptitude Assessments MSFT Bleep Tests
PJFT Pre-Joining Fitness Tests RFT Role Fitness Tests
PRMC Potential Royal Marines Course Tabbing / Yomping / Rucking
Basic Training Running
Loaded Marches Mid Thigh Pulls
Med Ball Throws Sit-Ups
Press-Ups Jerry Can Carries
Pull-Ups Fire & Movement
WHT Weapon Handling Test Skill at Arms
Fieldcraft Fitness Training
  • PMF Instructors


Please get in touch to discuss our coaching plans and give yourself the edge when you get to basic.

Courses are monthly-based, with a requirement to visit our location in Droitwich Spa, Worcestershire and include, but are not limited to:

  • 1 x TAB / Yomp per week (distance and weight varies)
  • 1 x 2Km run per week
  • 1 x PMF group fitness session per week (Monday, Thursday evenings or Sunday morning)


“Failing to prepare
is preparing to fail”


Interested? Please get in touch!


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Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity Course Passed

Another CPD passed for 3 CIMSPA points.

This programme aims to increase awareness of mental health and provides a toolkit to build resilience, enable and support mental health recovery and tackle stigma and discrimination. 

The course is aimed at everyone working or volunteering in the sport and physical activity sector including activators, coaches, leisure staff, sports administrators, front of house staff and volunteers.

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