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Do you feel trapped?

It happens to all of us, as we deal with with everyday tasks and it’s easy to forget to make time for ourselves.

One hour can be enough to feel a sense of freedom and if you spend that in a safe, private environment, training with like-minded, supportive people, the benefits can be huge!

Mental and physical exercise, all in one fantastic hour, in the stunning grounds of Impney Park.

And you can get 3 hours of escape for free when you enter the code “freedom” at checkout.

See what’s on and book here

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PMF Opens at Impney Park!

We’re pleased to announce that we’re now offering group outdoor fitness sessions in the beautiful grounds of the Impney Estate, with the stunning Chateau as a backdrop!

With a mix of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), Circuits and Battle Fit sessions, there’s something for everyone in this private, gated environment, no matter what your current level of fitness.

No inquisitive dog walkers or members of the public to worry about, as you workout in private with our military-trained instructors!


Interested in giving it a go?

Please get in touch using the messenger link on this site, contact us via email or call / text on 07800 815314

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Guidance for the public on the phased return of outdoor sport and recreation in England – PMF Response

Event delivery plan and guidance

Each event organiser should produce a written delivery plan and any related guidance, demonstrating its mitigations, how it plans to operate including responsibility for overseeing compliance, and any adaptations required.

Delivery plans should take into account that there are three variables of transmission. Each event will provide an assessment of the transmission risk that a return to Sport and Activity Outdoor Events represents based on three key variables:

  • Droplet transmission and aerosol generation: The risk associated with each action in an activity based on duration and proximity of participants

    PMF: All participants are kept at least 2m apart

  • Fomite transmission: The risk associated with the handling and transfer of equipment in the activity

    PMF:Any equipment used during group sessions is cleaned between users.

  • Population: The number of participants likely to take part in the proposed activity plus known risk factors of participants with underlying health conditions or high-risk groups, who wish to participate

    PMF:Maximum of 15 people. PAR-Q forms are used to identify any declared high-risk individuals

Based on this overall risk profile some sport and physical activity outdoor events will be lower risk than others and better suited to return to activity earlier with or without adaptation. For events reliant on third party owned or managed facilities, adherence to these government guidance should be worked out collaboratively.

Risk assessments should be completed in line with guidance from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE).

All events should ensure that they comply with the relevant national governing body safeguarding policies and Procedures and conduct a thorough risk assessment which should be included as part of the action plan.

Consideration needs to be given to children and young people under the age of 18 and vulnerable adults. Event organisers should commit to demonstrating to their normal licensing authorities that these principles are adhered to throughout the planning and delivery of the event.

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Mental Health Awareness for Sport and Physical Activity Course Passed

Another CPD passed for 3 CIMSPA points.

This programme aims to increase awareness of mental health and provides a toolkit to build resilience, enable and support mental health recovery and tackle stigma and discrimination. 

The course is aimed at everyone working or volunteering in the sport and physical activity sector including activators, coaches, leisure staff, sports administrators, front of house staff and volunteers.

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Commanding Boot Camp Success – CPD Passed!

Making the most of lockdown and to keep my skills up-to-date, I’m very please to have passed the CIMSPA accredited exam “Commanding Boot Camp Success”.

The course looks at the successful elements for running an authentic boot camp.

These CPD courses are essential for anyone involved in the fitness industry to deliver quality, engaging and safe sessions.

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Online Trainer – CPD Passed!

A new skill added!

This course looks at some of the key aspects for consideration for anyone contemplating or already offering online training / coaching to their clients. The content covers explanation and guidance relating to:

  • Benefits and considerations for anyone contemplating or already working as an online trainer
  • Different approaches to using technology as a means of promoting services and managing clients
  • Essential systems and procedures to ensure compliance
  • Fundamentals of building an online community and developing brand champions

These CPD courses are essential for anyone involved in the fitness industry to deliver quality, engaging and safe sessions.

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Barriers to Fitness

We all have at least one thing that stops us from exercising, trust me I know, I had a few!!

Here are a few examples taken from the NHS Live Well Website:

⛔️ ‘I don’t have time’
This is a common blocker, but it’s like anything you want to do: you have to prioritise and manage your schedule so that it fits in. You can break your activity into 10-minute chunks.

⛔️ ‘I’m too tired’
Exercise might not be top on your list after a hard day’s work. But the tiredness you feel may just be mental fatigue, and you may find you feel more energised if you do some exercise.

⛔️ ‘I don’t have the willpower’
If you need help staying motivated, you could exercise with a friend or family member, so you can encourage each other. It means you’ve got someone to report to, to explain why you didn’t turn up, or someone you can share your lack of motivation with. You can also get the same motivation from joining a club, like a local running club.

If you prefer to train alone, you could use an exercise app, like Couch to 5K, which can monitor and reward your progress. You could also start a diary or a blog.

⛔️ ‘I don’t like exercise’
There are so many ways of being active – it’s just a case of finding something you enjoy. One of the easiest ways to fit more activity into your day is to use walking or cycling as a means of getting about.

⛔️ ‘It’s hard work’
A common mistake is trying to achieve too much, too soon. If exercising feels too hard, you’ll be put off. Choose an activity you enjoy. Start slowly and build up gradually. You’ll still be making progress and will enjoy it more.

⛔️ ‘The weather’s bad’
It’s tempting to skip a session if the weather’s bad. But you’re less likely to use the weather as an excuse if you’ve arranged to exercise with a friend or if you’re following a training programme.

⛔️ ‘I’ve fallen off the wagon’
Christmas, summer holidays, pregnancy: life has a habit of derailing a well-oiled exercise routine. Getting back on the wagon is never easy, so the key is to find a spark to get you motivated again.

✅ If you’re tired of reasons NOT to exercise, get in touch and we’ll help you get started on your fitness path 💪😀

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